The Offering Part 2 #sixsunday #yalit

sixsundayheaderCan you believe Christmas is already over?  It seemed to take ages to get to December, and now it’s almost over, too.  Crazy how time zips by.

Today we’re joining Selene as she faces Mr. Barlow, the warlock who’s been robbing villagers on their way back from the market.  As usual, Selene is unable to hold her tongue, and pushes him a little too far.

Mr. Barlow edged back to stand between two of his guards. “I think I shall have something more valuable from you, and to ensure you bring it to me…”

Charlie disappeared from under my arm. His scream pierced my mind and induced my own. I looked down to see one of the sentinels dragging him away by the foot. The terror in his eyes shattered something inside me, hurt so much I couldn’t draw air into my lungs.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn!  Poor Selene.  Not only has she caused the abduction of her brother, but I’m thinking Father is going to be mighty ticked off at her as well.

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The Offering #sixsunday #yalit

sixsundayheaderGood Sunday morning!  My very first post comes to you a mere two days before Christmas.  Love this time of year.  Pretty snow on the trees, people humming carols.  I hope you’re as ready as you’d like to be for the holidays.

My six today comes from a novella I’m getting ready to sub out to some publishers.  It was a story I wrote based on a picture prompt, and I’m loving the way it’s growing.

This scene comes when Selene, her brother and father, are caught in the woods after the sun sets and have run afoul of the handsome and mysterious warlock who lives there.

I hiked up my blue skirts and white cloak and stepped over the edge of the sleigh in search of the step. Mr. Barlow offered me his hand, but I ignored him. “I know a gentleman when I meet one, and no amount of false chivalry will change my mind about you.”

He tilted his head, and I could have sworn he chuckled within the darkness of his cloak, but decided I must have been mistaken.

Once down and knee-deep in snow, I tugged Charlie out while Father pushed at his rear. When my brother finally scrambled down the step, I tucked him under my cloak with my arm around him.

Oh oh, they’re in trouble now.  What they have in the sleigh is barely enough to feed their family for the coming week.

Come back to visit again next Sunday for another wee snippet of Selene’s troubles.

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